No. 01 (2009): New Open Space in Housing Ensembles

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DASH (Delft Architectural Studies on Housing) is a new Journal devoted to residential design. Besides the Dutch housing tradition and present-day practice the journal addresses international developments. The first issue is about semi-public space around residential buildings, which is publicly accessible in principle, while at the same time it has a more private character because of its situation, design and articulation. Five essays place this development in a historical context and analyse the characteristics of the new open space in relation to public, collective and private domains. the modern-day function of such space and where its roots actually lie are investigated in interviews with Sjoerd Soeters and Ton Schaap. The projects discussed, along with several noteworthy examples from the past, are documented in the form of photographic reportages and renderings of the plans and sectional views.

Editors: Dick van Gameren, Dirk van den Heuvel, Harald Mooij, Pierijn van der Putt, Olv Klijn

Guest editor: Karin Theunissen

ISBN: 978-90-5662-654-9

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Published: 2009-06-01


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