Call for Abstracts, Writingplace #11


Call for abstracts, Writingplace #11 (Hidden) Narratives of Spatial Resistance

For this edition of the Writingplace series, we are looking for contributions that address how stories of resistance emerge from the quiet or tumultuous landscapes of our urbanities and beyond, both on the level of communities and of architectural space and its materiality. For instance, we’d like to address local communities' roles, explore how they grapple with destruction, displacement, gentrification, and environmental degradation, and how they assert their agency through spatial practices. On the level of architecture, we are interested in the role of space's materiality in participating in these resistances. Acknowledging the role of narratives as a medium to express such resistances, this issue hopes to show how these spatial resistances are present in prose and verse, in stories and poems.

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No. 8-9 (2023): Writing Urban Places: New Narratives for the European City
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The special issue Writing Urban Places: New Narratives for the European City, marks the culmination of an international research network that delved into the intricate interplay between communities, urban spaces and narratives. At its core, this endeavour introduced an inventive approach aimed at deepening our comprehension of urban communities, their dynamics and their rootedness, all through the lens of narrative methodologies. This collection gives an account of the dynamics of this network of academics, which consists of over 175 individuals from 35 different European countries and a variety of disciplinary backgrounds. As such, the issue offers a conclusion to the Writing Urban Places COST Action while also, hopefully, providing a springboard for further reflections and discussions on urban narratives, and the role these could play in spatial developments in the European city.

Published: 2023-11-14



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