Envelope of Silver



Envelope of Silver


When entering the compactness of Istanbul my eyes are dazzled by the motions within the streets. People walking, chatting, watching – the setting stays static hence unseen. Only at times, when you got used to the bustling humming, your eyes are attracted to the city facades. In streets like the Istiklal and the narrow block layout of Kadiköy – Moda - buildings are silently changing appearance. When they do, they get in a cocoon – one like a silver metal armour. Both to protect the precious inside and at the same time getting well prepared for a new epoch. In this period of reclusiveness they only mirror the outside - letting only view people in their small hidden doors.

After one got my eye, I could see them everywhere, as their speculum blinks in my eye corner. Lines got to my hand and got me to write:


Envelopes of silver, capturing and fusing purples, pinks and yellows

When at dusk

The building changes appearance

Than is shows

dancing along with the street

lights are reflected, people are multiplied

while walking, the doubles walk along

Mirroring the vibrations, reflecting the outdoors

While keeping the precious within


The cocoon captures silver memories,      smells, colors

it is when the old walls vanished

That the building changed appearance

Old wood gets replaced, when people in the city get amplified

The silver facade covers both the past yet the impending

Giving notice while walking across the city, one can see many

Mirroring the expansion of the city, yet at the same time reflecting the demand for more

The silver envelope captures not only the new, yet unbuilt, it mirrors an belief


A belief is often reflected in the city lay out. The actions of thought are captured in the architecture. Therefore, with the current state of affairs, I constantly wonder what I will see when I get back to this city. Some of these take longer than a year others are fast productions – I think that depends on the species one tries to grow in these silver cocoons.