Innovations in weather services as a crucial building block for climate change adaptation in road transport


Karoliina Pilli-Sihvola Finnish Meteorological InstituteVäinö Nurmi Finnish Meteorological InstituteAdriaan Perrels Finnish Meteorological InstituteAtte Harjanne Finnish Meteorological InstitutePatrick Bösch Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - ETHFrancesco Ciari Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - ETH



The road transport sector is facing rising uncertainties in planning and operations due to climate change induced changes in weather variability and extreme events. However, because of the high level of uncertainty related to the future climate, adaptation measures should be robust so as to retain the option value of the portfolio of measures. As an example of such a measure, this paper evaluates how foreseen innovations in weather services could reduce weather sensitivity and, consequently reduce the negative effects of climate change in the sector. The study is based on a theoretical framework on climate change adaptation and valuation of weather and climate services using the Weather Service Chain Analysis. We apply these frameworks to the road transport sector with a special emphasis on drivers’ decision making before and during a trip. We show that improved weather information, including more accurate weather forecasts, new applications and information dissemination channels can decrease the vulnerability of the mode to projected shifts in extreme weather patterns due to climate change.


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Pilli-Sihvola, K., Nurmi, V., Perrels, A., Harjanne, A., Bösch, P., & Ciari, F. (2016). Innovations in weather services as a crucial building block for climate change adaptation in road transport. European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research, 16(1).