JOAS has very different workflows compared to existing aerospace journals. We designed these new workflows to promote open reviewing, sharing, and reviewer recognition. The main differences are:

  1. Once a manuscript passes the initial check, we publish the submission as preprint automatically.
    • We will start with our platform but may switch to a different preprint service later.
  2. The preprint allows reviews from a broader research community.
    • We encourage authors to invite other researchers to join the discussion
    • Community reviews are equally important as reviews from invited reviewers
  3. All our reviews will be open reviews.
    • Authors and invited reviewers' identities are both known.
    • Our platform provide fully transparent discussions during the review.
  4. The final reviews and responses will be published as a separate articles by the editors.
    • This will makes the review report also citable.
    • Reviewers will also benefit from this new research output. (i.e. reviewers are authors of this report)