[Poster] Fusing Mode S and Earth observation data for ML-driven engine performance deterioration modeling


  • Erik Seume TU Braunschweig
  • Jan Goeing
  • Jens Friedrichs




In the following, an approach currently being researched, is presented. The objective of this approach
is to more precisely model engine performance and condition deterioration with the help of Mode S and
Earth observation data. The fusion of Mode S with Earth observation data is described with a focus on
the contributions of Mode S data. Also, the Earth observation data contained in Mode S data is pointed
to. Research in progress is presented and user needs are highlighted.
From the preliminary findings, one can conclude that the usage of Mode S data is essential to engine
performance and condition deterioration modeling in situations in which no aircraft position data can be
obtained. ADS-B data provides the means to achieve a mapping of the aircraft location to outputs from
aerosol models, such as the Copernicus Atmospheric Modelling Service’s global reanalysis, and other
ambient condition data from in-situ sources or satellites.
Aero engine condition and hence, engine performance deterioration is a function of the severity of the
operational environment. Exposure of aero engines to contaminants leads to fouling, erosion, and corrosion.
Additional maintenance, repair, and overhaul costs, and excess emissions result from exposing
aircraft engines to harsh operating environments. ADS-B and Enhanced Surveillance (EHS) data bear the
opportunity to better determine the exposure to and the impact of contamination on aero engine condition
and performance. Subsequent data analysis and generation of decision-critical information will
ideally decrease operational costs and the environmental footprint.


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Seume, E., Goeing, J., & Friedrichs, J. (2023). [Poster] Fusing Mode S and Earth observation data for ML-driven engine performance deterioration modeling. Journal of Open Aviation Science, 1(2). https://doi.org/10.59490/joas.2023.7214