About the journal

Journal of Open Aviation Science is an open-access peer-reviewed journal, established by researchers for researchers. It promotes high quality open science, open data and reproducible scientific research for aviation, as such practice is largely missing in current aviation research. Our primary objectives are:

  • to promote reproducible research in the aviation sector using open source tools and open data; and
  • to encourage the reproduction of existing research in aviation research domain.

In addition to original scientific research, we welcome replication of existing research publications using open source implementations and open data. Particularly, we welcome contributions comparing the performance of reference models with their open source counterparts.

Each submission is carefully and openly reviewed, based on the quality of the manuscript and on the reproducibility of research. Paper must be submitted with accompanying publically available code, explanations, tests and data. Code shall be tested in order to guarantee that anyone can re-use it.

We welcome the following types of papers

  Research article

General aviation research article with open data and open code.

  Research article - data

Research article with focus on a significant open dataset in the aviation domain, including process and applications.

  Research article - software

Research article with focus on open-source tool for aviation studies.

  Re-Science article

Research article with focus on reproducing results from previous aviation related research, sharing open code and data.


APC fee (APC free)

We do not charge any article processing fees, as the journal is supported and reviewed by researchers with their spare time.

Current Issue

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2024)
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This is the collection of JOAS papers published in 2024. All papers are openly peer reviewed. The reviews and responses for accepted papers are also included in this issue.

Published: 2024-01-01

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