Product Development Lab (PD Test Lab)

  • Pieter Stoutjesdijk TheNewMakers
  • Tillmann Klein TU Delft
  • Marcel Bilow TU Delft
  • Jos Lichtenberg TU Eindhoven, Built Environment
  • Jeroen van Veen TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
  • Nick van der Knaap Octatube


The file to factory approach is investigated within the Product Development Test Lab, with the first entirely digitally produced building as a demonstrator and test lab on the campus of TU Delft. The project responds to the growing demand for sustainable and affordable housing; aiming to build houses with bio-based materials, efficiently produced with digital production technologies while reducing the failure costs on the building site. The full-scale prototype serves as a platform, ready to explore new methods of building sector related product design. The cycle of designing, testing, evaluating, redesigning, and retesting serves as research lead, enabling the designers to work quickly and make improvements on the go.


Bilow, M., Entrop, B., Lichtenberg, J., & Stoutjesdijk, P. (2015). PD Lab. SPOOL, 2(2), 5-8. doi:10.7480/spool.2015.2.962