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Author Guidelines

A submission needs to respond always to an call for papers. We will not handle spontaneous submissions. Having said that, you can always suggest a thematic issue.


A SPOOL article contains the following elements:

Title: The title makes clear what the article is about, in fact it is the shortest version of your article;

Subtitle: In case the author prefers a more ‘original’ title, a subtitle is added that sheds light on the article’s content;

Abstract: Ihe article begins with a 100/200 word abstract. The abstract helps a potential reader to understand if your article provides the information he/she is looking for. The abstract is also required for indexing purposes;

Full text: The full text of the article is 2500/5000 words long; context and innovations are part of the full text.

Context: Explain the broader spatial/societal context of your research or design;

Innovations: Explain the key innovations you have applied in your research or design;

Conclusions: The article finishes off with a short paragraph ‘conclusions’ that effectively summarizes the findings of the article (the answers to the research questions). 100/200 words should do;

Key words: Please provide 5/10 keywords. ‘landscape architecture’ is one keyword;

References: Each article should refer to articles, books, designs or other sources on the topic that it addresses. If you work in a research group or programme, why not referring to the work of your fellow researchers? A minimum of 10 references is required. SPOOL uses APA-style 6th edition, the most commonly used format worldwide.

In addition:

Originality: You can publish on your on work only, plagiarism is not accepted;

Credit: If your research is a joint effort, then you should give your co-researchers/designers credit by listing them as co-author;

Writing style: We appreciate lively and original writing;

UK English: Please use UK English spelling;

Language editing: The author is responsible for journal ready editing of the final version;

Images: Please provide high quality images. We consider image editing as important as text editing.