Water Policy and Politics - 2 ECTS

This online course is aimed at the graduate programme and PhD candidates who want to deepen their knowledge about policy and governance theories in relation to water issues. Selected policy and governance theories will be discussed and applied to water issues. 

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  • Welcome and Call for papers


    On behalf of the Editorial Team, we extend a warm welcome to all readers and potential contributors to the relaunched International Journal of Water Governance. Like its earlier incarnation initiated by Erasmus University Rotterdam, the journal’s current consortium of knowledge organisations (Wageningen University, TU Delft and Deltares) has a strong professional commitment to peer-reviewed knowledge creation and dissemination as a free public service, hence our choice for the Open Journal Systems platform.

    We welcome your academic and professional contributions! In the coming months, we expect to post more extensive calls for papers on the following themes: 

    • Drought governance and its politics
    • Coastal governance
    • Water for food in deltas

    You are most welcome to submit relevant abstracts and manuscripts in these domains, along with your name(s) and institute(s) as of today! You can also make your own Special Issue proposal or submit a manuscript on a water governance topic. At any rate, please check the ‘about’ section on this site to evaluate your contribution’s alignment with the scope of our journal.

    The Editorial Board

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