Framing Colomina


  • Tahl Kaminer



Sometime in the 1990s architecture historians shifted their attention from buildings to publications, exhibitions, films and photographs produced by architects. This shift is related to the more general transformation in which ‘society’ has been substituted by ‘culture’. More than any other work it is Beatriz Colomina’s Privacy and Publicity that has come to represent this growing interest of architecture historians. The following review article closely studies the arguments and methodologies at the centre of Privacy and Publicity as a means of delineating the idealism that is the subtext of this shift.

Author Biography

Tahl Kaminer

Tahl Kaminer received a PhD at the Technical University of Delft for his research tying architecture to the social via the 1970s disciplinary crisis, and, previously, an MSc. in Architecture History and Theory at the Bartlett, UCL (2003). He is a founding member of 66 East, Centre for Urban Culture, an Amsterdam-based foundation involved in the study of the urban environment, and a practicing architect. He has recently co-edited the NAi publication Houses in Transformation