Carsharing systems demand estimation and defined operations: a literature review


  • Diana Jorge University of Coimbra
  • Gonçalo Correia University of Coimbra



Efforts have been made in the last few decades to provide new urban transport alternatives. One of these is carsharing, which involves a fleet of vehicles scattered around a city for the use of a group of members. At first, part of the research effort was put into setting up real life experiments with vehicle fleets and observing the performance of major private operators. In the meantime, with the growth of this alternative and the need to better plan its deployment, researchers started to create more advanced methods to study carsharing systems’ planning issues. In this paper, we review those methods, identifying gaps and suggesting how to bridge them in the future. Based on that review we concluded that carsharing demand is difficult to model due to the fact that the availability of vehicles is intrinsically dependent on the number of trips and vice versa. Moreover, despite the existence of carsharing simulation models that offer very detailed mobility representations, no model is able to characterise accurately the supply side, thus hindering the cost-benefit assessment that is fundamental to justify investment in this transport alternative, in particular those that are being endorsed by the European Union. More complex, however, is the operation of the emerging one-way carsharing systems, where a vehicle may be dropped off at any station, which adds uncertainty as to the location where vehicles can be picked up. Several optimisation approaches have been proposed to mitigate this problem but they are always limited in scope and leave other aspects out for model simplification purposes. Some simulation models have also been developed to study the performance of this type of carsharing system, but they have not included ways of balancing the vehicle stocks.


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Jorge, D., & Correia, G. (2013). Carsharing systems demand estimation and defined operations: a literature review. European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research, 13(3).