Mobility Management Measures by Employers: Overview and Exploratory Analysis for Belgium


Thomas Vanoutrive University of Antwerp and Ghent UniversityLaurent van Malderen Facultés Universitaires Catholiques de Mons (FUCaM) and Université catholique de Louvain, C.O.R.E.Bart Jourquin Facultés Universitaires Catholiques de Mons (FUCaM)Isabelle Thomas Université catholique de Louvain, C.O.R.E.Ann Verhetsel University of AntwerpFrank Witlox Ghent University



The renewed interest for sustainable transport in Europe is often labelled as mobility management. With this, major attention goes towards the role of employers in the commuting behaviour of their employees. Indeed, employers can encourage a more sustainable commuting by the promotion of alternative modes, like public transport, carpooling and/or cycling, by the designation of an Employee Transport Coordinator, through their location policy, and/or by adapting work schedules and the organisation of telework. An overview of these measures is followed by an analysis of the Belgian situation. The Belgian 2005 questionnaire Home-to-WorkTravel (HTWT) enables us to make an inventory of mobility management in Belgium. The database HTWT contains information on 7460 worksites. Besides having data on modal split, work regimes and accessibility problems, 38 different mobility management measures are checked in the questionnaire. Given that we assume a relationship between accessibility problems and sustainable commuting measures both are incorporated in one analysis. Binary exploratory factor analysis (EFA) is used to make a classification and to obtain a better insight in the structure of the variables. However, no strong link between accessibility problems on the one hand and sustainable commuting measures on the other hand could be detected. Despite the absence of this link, a classification of mobility management measures and accessibility problems has been made. This indicates that employers regularly choose to implement a set of related sustainable commuting measures. 


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Vanoutrive, T., Malderen, L. van, Jourquin, B., Thomas, I., Verhetsel, A., & Witlox, F. (2010). Mobility Management Measures by Employers: Overview and Exploratory Analysis for Belgium. European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research, 10(2).




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