IBA BERLIN 2020 The Legacy

Interview with Vanessa Miriam Carlow


  • Hans Teerds TU Delft, Architecture and the Built Environment


‘If it’s about architectural splendour, Berlin is eager to dream of faded glory,’ Berlin newspaper Tagespiegel recently stated as the opening of an article announcing the demolition of the Lützowplatz building, a housing complex designed by wellknown architect Matthias Oswald Ungers.1 This project was one of the tangible results of the 1987 Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA). This residential complex was demolished in early 2013; at the same time there were plans to break down the Kreuzberg tower, architect John Hejduk’s contribution to the 1987 IBA. The Kreuzberg tower – a rare example of Hejduk’s built work – was fortunately saved at the last minute and is now even protected by the government and being restored by its new owners.

In the mean time plans were being made for a new Bauausstellung: IBA Berlin 2020. The objectives of this IBA were to realize ‘dreams from past ruins’ for the city, represented, for instance, by the rebuilding of the former city castle (now known as the Humboldtforum), but also to proudly present the city’s contemporary responses to current questions concerning housing and public space. Unfortunately, the preparation of this new IBA came to an early end in the fall of 2013. As the official website states: the Senate didn’t reserve room in the 2014/2015 budget to continue the preparation. Nevertheless, ‘even without the format of an International Building Exhibition these issues will remain on the agenda’.

Author Biography

Hans Teerds, TU Delft, Architecture and the Built Environment

Hans Teerds works as an assistant at the Chair for the History and Theory of Urban Design at the Institute for History and Theory of Architecture (GTA) of the ETH Zürich. He wrote a dissertation at the Delft University of Technology, discussing the public aspects of architecture as seen through the lens of the writings of philosopher Hannah Arendt. Together with Tom Avermaete and Klaske Havik, he edited the anthology Architectural Positions: Architecture, Modernity and the Public Sphere (2009), and published together with Johan van der Zwart, Levend Landschap: Manifest voor stad en land (2012). Teerds is a member of the editorial boards of the architectural journals OASE and DASH.




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