Dialogue on Values, Design, Practice, and the Future
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Orff, K., & Ovink, H. (2023). Dialogue on Values, Design, Practice, and the Future. Journal of Delta Urbanism, (4). https://doi.org/10.59490/jdu.4.2023.7350


Redesigning deltas is the theme for our 182nd anniversary week at the Delft University of Technology. Two honorary doctorates are awarded to people who have an outstanding contribution to the field of Delta Urbanism: Kate Orff and Henk Ovink.

The dialogue between Kate and Henk focused on four key aspects, each shedding light on their shared values, design philosophies, real-world projects, and their future visions.

The first part delved into their commonalities, uncovering shared approaches to work, a strong commitment to making the world a better place, and advocacy efforts. Their dialogue revealed a mutual optimism and dedication to motivating people while emphasizing responsibility. The second part encompassed design and design-driven solutions. The conversation explored their perspectives on design in the context of design-based research, both in its present state and future trajectories. They deliberated on the definition of design, its role in problem-solving, and what changes might be necessary in academia. The third part centered on their real-world projects, such as the Water as Leverage program and the Living Breakwaters initiative. They shared insights gained from these endeavors, outlining lessons learned, areas for improvement, and collaborative opportunities for learning and growth. The discussion covered lessons learned from these projects and outlined the next steps. Finally, in the last part, they envisioned the future, particularly academia's role in catalyzing positive change and fostering innovation. Their dialogue encapsulated shared values, experiences, and aspirations, highlighting the potential for collaborative action within design, advocacy, and academia.

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