JDU #3 - Full Issue Published!

We are glad to announced that the full issue of JDU #3  is published.
This special issue is named ‘Delta Challenges under Nature-Based Solutions Perspectives’ and is guest edited by Verónica Zagare and Diego Andres Sepulveda Carmona.

This issue contains the following contributions:

01 Editorial - Delta Challenges under Nature-Based Solutions Perspectives - Verónica Zagare, Diego Andres Sepulveda Carmona

02 Paper - River basins and deltas need a second game-change - Han Meyer

03 Paper - Nature-based Solutions for climate adaptation and mitigation in Deltas and coastal areas - Verónica Zagare

04 Dialogue - Delta Challenges and Nature-based Solutions in Dialogue - Kim van Nieuwaal, Niki Frantzeskaki, Emmanuelle Cohen-Shacham

05 Project - Between The Sea And Giants: The Case on Nature- Based Solutions along the Flemish Coast.  - J. Subendran, M. Van Nieuwehove, A.  Mengé, K. Vanackere

06 Project - Energy as a spatio-temporal project & the Rhine Basin urbanisation - Hugo Lopez

07 Practice - Experiences of Ecological and Participatory Wetland Restoration in the Guanacache Lagoons in the Cuyo Region of Argentina - Heber Sosa, Nidia Amaya

08 Practice - Closing the Implementation Gap of Nature-based Solutions: The case of Water as Leverage - Cascading Semarang -Begonia Jaimerena

09 Practice - A nature-based perspective for the Netherlands in 2120 - Michaël van Buuren

10 Dictonary - ‘Delta’ - Cornelia Redeker

11 Dictonary - ‘Urbanism’ - Giambattista Zaccariotto

JDU is published once a year, in winter. Submissions can be sent in individually; also, guest editors are invited to present specific topics for a special edition. We welcome your academic research papers, column style dialogue contributions, practice experiences, design project studies, and suggestions for our 'DU Dictionary'. 

Enjoy reading!
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