Thematic Series: Coastlab24


Thematic Series Editors:
Miguel Esteban. Waseda University, Japan.
Bas Hofland. TU Delft.

Coastlab is a conference that concentrates on Physical Modelling in Coastal Engineering and Science. Coastlab24, the latest in a series of successful conferences, is held in Delft, under the auspices of the International Association of Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR). Papers for the conference can be submitted for a Thematic Series.

This Coastlab24 Thematic Series of JCHS deals with the many developments that are taking place in the coastal zone, with attention to themes like: climate change (adaptation), multifunctional and nature-inclusive designs, port development, and wave or tidal energy. Papers are welcomed on all the topics where the use of physical modelling and/or (field) measurements to tackle coastal challenges plays a large role.

Papers can be published in the journal after full peer-review and acceptance, and will (if presented at the conference) subsequently be copied to the proceedings of the conference.

Keywords: Physical modelling, coastal engineering

Paper submission: Submission for the Thematic Series is open for people for which the abstract was accepted for Coastlab24. When submitting a paper, please mention in the comments to the editor, that your submission is intended for the Coastlab24 Thematic Series. If your paper has not been accepted before the paper/abstract deadline for the conference (15 January 2024), a final abstract needs to be submitted at the conference site for the proceedings. If/when accepted, the journal paper will be copied to the proceedings (it is open access, so that is simply possible).

Paper Submission Deadline: 30 June 2024.