Affect Theory as Pedagogy of the ‘Non-’


  • Gregory J Seigworth



What is the relationship of affect to the non- of non-philosophy? And how might asking this question also go some distance toward answering (or raising) questions about the continuing relevance of disciplinarity itself? By first taking up minor remarks made by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari in What is Philosophy? – especially around the work of Francois Laurelle – this essay will explore how some of the implications of affect’s relation to the ‘non-‘ intersect with matters of immanence, pedagogy, and, finally, with the resoluteness of disciplinary boundaries.

Author Biography

Gregory J Seigworth

Gregory J. Seigworth teaches in the Department of Communication and Theatre at Millersville University. He is co-editor (with Melissa Gregg) of The Affect Theory Reader. Greg has published widely on affect, philoso- phies of the everyday, cultural studies, and the works of Deleuze/Guattari. He is presently at work on a project that focuses upon the role played by ubiquitous technologies in the embodiment of debt.