Architecture as a Visual Resource

An Aesthetic Reflection on the Aftermath of War


  • Katarina Andjelkovic Atelier AG Andjelkovic




In early 1999 the conflict in Kosovo led to the apocalyptic scenario of NATO-sanctioned bombings of the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. One of the targets was the complex of buildings comprising the military headquarters in Belgrade: the Generalštab. Over the past twenty years no intervention has been made to repair and protect this cultural monument damaged by war, but its mental image has inevitably changed, transgressing the identity of the historical event. The drawing project The Generalštab Building as Image: A History Decomposeddeals with an aesthetic reflection on political bodies and conditions, asking how they have re-territorialised the material reality of the Generalštab building as a cultural artifact into the performativity of its political function.


War, cultural monument, visual narratives, perception.

Author Biography

Katarina Andjelkovic, Atelier AG Andjelkovic

Katarina Andjelkovic (PhD, MArch Eng), is a theorist, practicing architect, researcher and a painter. She served as a visiting professor, Chair of Creative Architecture at the University of Oklahoma, a lecturer and a researcher at the Institute of Form Theory and History in Oslo, the Institute of Urbanism and Landscape in Oslo, and the University of Belgrade, and guest-lectured at TU Delft, AHO Oslo and ITU (Istanbul Technical University). She has lectured at conferences in more than twenty-three countries in Europe, the UK, the US and Canada. Andjelkovichas published her research widely in international journals (Web of Science) and won numerous awards for her architecture design and urban design competitions, and she has exhibited her work in London, Dublin, Lisbon, Delft and Belgrade. She is the author of Preliminary Architectural Design, a national project supported by the government of Serbia. She won the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce Award for Best Master Thesis defended at Universities in Serbia in all disciplines.


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