Me as a Building


  • Andreas Angelidakis



Andreas Angelidakis works between the various fields of curating, theory, architecture and the arts. In his position text the author reflects on the way he develops new narrative and design methods as part of a personal project of a challenging self-reflexive and psychological nature. States of being become inherently fluid as illustrated by the project Troll, which Angelidakis suggests is an autobiographical project, in which a building wants to leave the city to become a mountain: human bodies transition into nature into architecture, and back again. Describing his work and growing up in his hometown Athens Angelidakis discusses architecture and queer identities in terms of being ‘unauthorised’.

Author Biography

Andreas Angelidakis

Andreas Angelidakis (Athens, 1968) studied architecture at Sci-ARC in Los Angeles, and received a masters on advanced architectural design from Columbia University in New York. He describes himself as ‘an architect who doesn’t build’. Instead he has developed an artistic voice that switches between the languages of architecture, curating, writing and internet. He often speaks about spaces, buildings and the society that inhabits them, with the exhibition format acting as vehicle for ideas and medium for his artistic practice. Among the exhibitions Angelidakis has worked on are Learning from Athens, documenta 14 Kassel and Athens (participant), The System of Objects (co-curator and architect), Deste Foundation, Athens 2013, Fin de Siecle, Swiss Institute New York 2014 (curator and architect), the 3rd Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art in 2011 (architect), Heaven: 2nd Athens Biennial in 2009 (architect), XXI Baltic Triennial, CAC Vilnius 2015 (architect and participant), 9th Liverpool Biennial 2016 (participant and installation advisor). In November 2017 he curated the exhibition OOO Object Oriented Ontology at Kunsthalle Basel.