Book Review

L. Dorn, Driver Behaviour and Training


  • Karel Brookhuis Section of Transport Policy and Logistics' Organisation, Delft University of Technology & Section of Experimental and Labour Psychology, University of Groningen



“Driver Behaviour and Training”, edited by Dr. Lisa Dorn, is based on contributions to the “First International Conference on Driver Behaviour and Training”, in Stratford-upon-Avon (UK), November 2003. The motivation for the conference and primary objective of its proceedings, and therefore of the book under review, is “how driver training might reduce crash risk”, or, how driver training could contribute to reducing human error, or better, erroneous driving behaviour (see the Introduction). The book contains 36 contributions, divided in four sections (Professional Driving, Driver Health, Fatigue and Accidents, In- Vehicle Technology, Driver Training and Instruction), which appear to have been rather haphazardly assembled instead of relating to the clearly stated objectives of the book. Common to all four sections is the fact that whilst some of the contributions do relate to aspects of driver training, others do not at all. Some contributions do not appear to have anything to do with driver/driving behaviour, for instance chapter 6, which deals with aspects of management of a bus company, or chapter 12 which is about safety aspects of baby seats in cars. These are undoubtedly important topics for the driving community, but they are bear no relation to driver behaviour and training.


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