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EJTIR Volume 9, Issue 2
Table of Contents

Editorial board
Preliminary Monetary Values for the Reliability of Travel Times in Freight Transport
Pages 83-99
Gerard de Jong, Marco Kouwenhoven, Eric Kroes, Piet Rietveld and Pim Warffemius

Modelling the Cost Performance of a Given Logistics Network Operating Under Regular and Irregular Conditions
Pages 100-120
Milan Janic

Transport Integration at European Ports: Measuring the Role and Position of Intermediaries
Pages 121-142
César Ducruet and Martijn van der Horst

Experiences from Procurement of Integrated Bridge Maintenance in Sweden
Pages 143-163
Hans-Åke Mattsson and Hans Lind

Climate Adaptation of Railways – Lessons from Sweden
Pages 164-181
Johan Lindgren, Daniel K. Jonsson and Annika Carlsson-Kanyama

Book review: Konings, R., Priemus, H. and Nijkamp, P. (eds.) The Future of Intermodal Freight Transport Operations, Design and Policy
Pages 182-183
Bart Jourquin


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