Use of discrete choice to obtain urban freight evaluation data


  • Jesús Muñuzuri University of Seville
  • José Guadix University of Seville
  • Pablo Cortés University of Seville
  • Luis Onieva University of Seville



The ex-ante evaluation of urban freight solutions is a complex task, due to the interference of different stakeholder groups with different views and objectives. The multi-actor multi-criteria methods have developed as a response to this scenario, but the determination of the weights required by them remains an unclear and controversial task. We propose the use of discrete choice methods as a powerful tool to confront these multi-faced evaluation problems, since the resulting surveys are flexible and easy to respond, and do not give away the final quantitative results. We have applied this methodology to the selection of urban freight solutions in the city of Seville, in Spain, followed by the determination of the relative weights associated to different objectives, both analyses carried out from the side of the carriers stakeholder group.


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Muñuzuri, J., Guadix, J., Cortés, P., & Onieva, L. (2016). Use of discrete choice to obtain urban freight evaluation data. European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research, 16(1).