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Van den Broek & Bakema


  • Pierijn van der Putt TU Delft, Architecture and the Built Environment


The oeuvre of Van den Broek & Bakema boasts many variations on the split-level apartment, in both studies and realized projects. The split-level apartment couples the efficiency of the access gallery with the dual orientation that characterizes the walk-up apartment, benefitting both ventilation and sunlighting. Secondly, compared to a maisonette the split-level apartment features a greater physical cohesion between levels. And finally, its relatively large width lends this type of building greater stability than the often narrower gallery-access apartment building. But Van den Broek and Bakema’s predilection for the split-level apartment rests on more than pragmatism alone. In Van Stoel tot Stad (From Chair to City) Bakema champions ‘the individual’s right to give personal expression to his philosophy of life’. Given that the split-level apartment lends itself to a wide range of dwelling types, it actually serves this right. Van den Broek & Bakema developed the split-level variants discussed here over a period of 15 years. Although characterized by greater and smaller typological variations, they are all made up of stacked modules. These consist of a corridor with dwellings alongside, above and below it. The number of dwellings per module varies, as does the range of dwellings, the orientation and the position of the corridors and vertical circulation.

Author Biography

Pierijn van der Putt, TU Delft, Architecture and the Built Environment

Pierijn van der Putt (Eindhoven, 1973) studied Architecture at Delft University of Technology, the University of Illinois in Chicago and Drexel University in Philadelphia. He worked as an editor for Dutch architectural magazine de Architect for seven years before returning to Delft. There, in addition to being an editor for DASH (Delft Architectural Studies on Housing), he teaches academic research and architectural design for the group of Architecture and Dwelling. His particular interest lies in creative writing and in improving academic writing skills.