Special issue on "Science, design and management challenges of riverine and coastal infrastructure in the face of climate change"


Special issue editors:

Maria Pregnolato (TU Delft) <M.Pregnolato@tudelft.nl>

Patricio Winckler (Universidad de Valparaíso) <patricio.winckler@uv.cl>



In the last decades we have witnessed major floods and severe coastal storms worldwide. Recent floods in Slovenia, Norway, Libya and Michigan were accompanied by torrential rainfall, extreme runoff and associated cascading dam failures. In this special issue we invite authors to contribute papers that focus on recent events and highlight new insights into the science, design and management of riverine and coastal infrastructure in the face of climate change. Topics that could be covered are, for example: 

  • performance of dams, spillways, or river systems under extreme loading 
  • performance of coastal infrastructure during extreme coastal storms
  • statistical approaches used to define design conditions in a changing climate
  • rapid and real time flood and risk modelling during events 
  • failure, life cycle and maintenance of dams 


Contributions are welcome from any angle, including meteorological, hydrological, engineering, economic or social. Examples could also touch on the resulting policy discussions and reflections with respect to lessons learned.

Manuscript submission deadline: 1st May 2024 (note that all manuscripts will be published online once accepted). 

Keywords: extreme floods, extreme coastal storms, infrastructure design