Special issue on “2021 Summer Floods in Europe”


Special issue editors:

Bas Jonkman (TU Delft)

Hans de Moel (VU IVM), Corresponding special issue editor: hans.de.moel@vu.nl

Roelof Moll (TU Delft)



In July 2021, record rainfall conditions in Europe, most notably over Belgium, western Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands and France, caused widespread flooding. This led to devastating effects, resulting in several hundred fatalities and billions of euros in property damage. The event was special for a variety of reasons: the records it set in rainfall and discharge rates, the unique atmospheric conditions, the fact that the floods occurred in summer, the severe damage (up to complete destruction) of infrastructure, just to mention a few aspects. In order to better prepare and protect against such extreme events in the future, we need to analyze and learn from what happened. Therefore, we aim to collect research on these European floods of 2021 in this special issue. We welcome contributions investigating any (or several) of the affected countries. Contributions are welcome from any angle, including meteorological, hydrological, engineering, economical or social. Examples could be field studies that present empirical evidence, surveys of its aftermath, studies reconstructing the event, studies on the impacts, on the emergency management, on the resulting policy discussions, and reflections with respect to lessons learned.

Manuscript submission deadline: 1st November 2022 (note that all manuscripts will be published online once accepted. The special issue will close with on 31st December 2022). 

Keywords: Flooding, 2021 Summer, Europe, disaster, survey, reconstruction, emergency management, policy.