Responsible deployment of a projectile device in society

The War Machine analogy


  • Beau van der Meer
  • Jip Harthoorn



The superhero genre includes numerous examples of highly advanced technologies such as the Iron Man suit, the trick arrows used by Hawkeye, and the shrinking suit of Hope van Dyne (the Wasp). Another technology is the War Machine suit – an exoskeleton suit worn by Colonel James Rhodes. The War Machine suit is home to a plethora of weapons such as a Gatling gun. In this paper we present a prototype of a projectile device based on coils, which we constructed ourselves, that can replicate the projectile capability of a traditional projectile device. However, unlike traditional projection technologies, we imagine that this device could be used for the benefit of society to improve transportation systems and upgrade space travel.


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van der Meer, B., & Harthoorn, J. (2020). Responsible deployment of a projectile device in society: The War Machine analogy. Superhero Science and Technology, 2(1), 13–18.