The transformation of scenery to landscape in Zuber wallpapers from a cross-cultural perspective


  • Yuan Sun Beijing Jiaotong University
  • Zixin Wu Beijing Jiaotong University



As a pioneering type of industrial printmaking, wallpaper is a record of the landscapes of different cities in different countries and is the focus of our inquiry into the development of cityscape art. This paper takes Zuber&Cie wallpaper as an example, firstly, it briefly describes the development of wallpaper from a mere decorative commodity to a redesigned natural landscape painting in the 19th-20th centuries, and compares the process of transformation of land to landscape in Zuber wallpaper, i.e. the transformation process of scenery to landscape, and at the same time, by analysing the selected paintings in The second is an interdisciplinary analysis of the narrative content and narrative techniques used in Zuber's wallpaper painting using art historical research methods such as iconography and formal analysis. Finally, a cross-cultural perspective is adopted to examine the historical and socio-political significance behind the transformation of the landscape from a pastoral rustic to a national park and its cultural transmission and change as a result of international trade.