Losing Intangible Heritage under the Preservation Projects of Tangible Heritage

A Case Study on a Reputed Lunar New Year Paintings Town Yangliuqing, China





On the basis of fully understanding the connotation and characteristics of intangible cultural heritage, this paper combed the preservation work of the Yangliuqing Town which is the National Historical Cultural Town in Tianjin, China. The author finds that preservation work had always focused on the tangible culture. And under these preservation planning, some historical sites are restored properly. And some construction improves the people's living condition. But during this process, some construction destroys the human environment inadvertently, and the development of the Lunar New Year Paintings industry also hits a bottleneck, leading to the decline of the characteristic of the “New Year pictures Town”. Based on this problem, this paper puts forward the suggestions such as enriching the theme of Lunar New Year Paintings and enacting preferential tax policies.