Urban planning for the Yamashiro hot spring by Eika Takayama

The history of urban planning for a tourist destination in Japan


  • Ryo Nishikawa Rikkyo University




Though the necessity of urban planning for tourist destinations in Japan has been acknowledged by some of the professors, little progress has been made so far. In order to contemplate the urban planning of tourist destinations for the future, it is necessary to review the history of planning for tourist destinations. It is also important to clarify how urban planners in Japan previously engaged with tourist destinations. Therefore, this research focuses on Eika Takayama, one of the greatest urban planners of Japan. It explores his works on tourist destinations. He was engaged with the Japan Spa Association and did three types of activities: 1) participation in the discussions held in hot spring areas; 2) a tour to hot spring resorts in Europe with members of the committee and; 3) the actual urban planning of hot spring areas. This paper mentions his relationship with the plans for the Yamashiro hot spring town. With strong demand for the development of tourism during the 1950s, he proposed to create a new town for development while conserving the historical and unique centre of Yamashiro. His idea contributes to the uniqueness of Yamashiro today.