A comparative study on the construction mechanism of urban public space in modern Shanghai and Yokohama


  • Wang Yan Tongji University
  • Zhou Xianpin Tongji University
  • Zhou Teng Tongji University




In the 19th century, after experienced the " open port " and " port opening ", Shanghai and Yokohama opened to the world, became the important ports for Europe and the United States in East Asia. In the view of different historical geography, background and management, Shanghai and Yokohama show different development processes and characteristics. On the basis of briefing the modern urban and social background of Shanghai and Yokohama, this paper analyses the similarities and differences from the aspects of urban forms, architecture scene, park space, based on these, try to conclude the reasons from the system policy, concept cognition, and the management feedback, supposes to place the studies in a broader perspective, understands the construction mechanism of the Modern East Asian cities.