Planning a national park in lower Yangtze Delta, China

Taking the 1929 Taihu National Park Plan by Mr. Chen Zhi as a case


  • Tianje Zhang Tianjin University
  • Kailai Wang Tianjin University



Chen Zhi's National Taihu Lake Park published in 1929, is the first planning of our country’s national park. This article attempts to analyze the beautification and recreation of Chen Zhi's conception. The author starts with the development of the national park at that time and the practice experience of Chen Zhi, combing the Taihu Lake watershed’s natural and social conditions. What’s more, the author interprets the planning text of Taihu Lake from four aspects, including landscape resources, traffic system, supporting facilities, and construction of scenic forests. Based on this, this article analyzes Chen Zhi’s considerations of drawing lessons from abroad and integrating them into the local culture, pursues the relevance of its design concept with America and Japan, and presents the spread of national park’s concept in our country in the same period.