Curatorial Fieldwork as a Critical Practice

Learning from Post-Nostalgic Knowings in Freixo


  • Inês Moreira Lab2PT-EAAD/UMinho
  • Patrícia Coelho Independent reseaarcher



Curating, Postindustrial sites, fieldwork, artistic research, urban studies


As fieldwork is becoming a situated practice and an investigative process for the comprehension of places, the present paper proposes a new reading of the urbanscape of Freixo, a marginalized territory in Porto, Portugal. Learning from Post-Nostalgic Knowings and focusing on curatorial and artistic actions, we elaborate a new understanding of the invisibilities and conditions of this territory, by proposing a curatorial fieldwork. From context-specific approaches to new methods of fieldwork, we expand the reading of curatorial actions beyond the gallery and museum spaces, to create a dialogue with the site, its local community and the artistic interventions. ‘Curatorial Fieldwork as a Critical Practice’ navigates through shared experiences, proposing new expectations of a site and simultaneously revealing the strategies of its future.

Author Biographies

Inês Moreira, Lab2PT-EAAD/UMinho

Inês Moreira (b. Portugal, 1977) is a principal researcher in Visual Arts, Lab2PT-University of Minho. She completed a postdoctoral project at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2016-2022) and created the research cluster Curating the Contemporary: On Architectures, Territories and Networks (2018-2021). She has a PhD in Curatorial/Knowledge (University of London), a Master in Urban Culture (Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya/CCCB) and Architecture (FAUP). She is an active member of cultural and academic European projects, such as European Forum for Advanced Practices, and Press Here, a Living Archive of European Industry. Since 2001, she has curated, edited and programmed events such as the Bordeaux and Gdansk biennials, and Guimarães 2012.

Patrícia Coelho, Independent reseaarcher

Patrícia Coelho (b. Portugal, 1992) is an architect, curator and independent researcher. She has a Master in Architecture from the Department of Architecture of the University of Coimbra and a Master in Art Studies-Museum and Curatorial Studies from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. She does research on the disciplinary intersection between the expanded field of architecture, curating and experimental artistic practices. She is the co-founder and curator of ŌILHA, an independent curatorial project that explores spatial and artistic micro-practices in a direct dialogue with the local community. Since 2020, she works at the Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art in Porto.


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Moreira, I., & Coelho, P. (2023). Curatorial Fieldwork as a Critical Practice: Learning from Post-Nostalgic Knowings in Freixo. Writingplace, (7).