Real Estates in Cyprus: A Diary

  • Anne Kockelkorn ETH Zurich


This edited ethnographic diary, produced during a research and teaching stint in Cyprus, takes in the island landscape, politics and underlying economic forces dramatically shaping the environment in order to reveal a complex picture across a variety of scales and analytical registers. The aim of this diary is to understand the recent real-estate transactions launched by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus and selling EU-Citizenship in tandem with real estate, particularly as high-end luxury development along the coast. This understanding of land ownership and real estate evolves around the notion of territoriality, which defines territory as a cultural and social product and which includes the Lefebvrian dimension of lived space. The fragmented form of the diary entry will allow to cut across the different registers mentioned above; the work of the editing process will consist in framing the subjective position of the self as a political.

This text is introduced by a reading compiled by Hélène Frichot


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Author Biography

Anne Kockelkorn, ETH Zurich

Anne Kockelkorn is an architectural historian and urban researcher, focusing on the intersections between design, territorial politics and processes of subjectivation. Her PhD in History and Theory of Architecture investigates the representation and production of large-scale housing in France before and after the neoliberal reforms of 1977 (pass with distinction, ETH Medal in 2018). In spring 2018, she was an invited Guest professor in Architecture at Cyprus University and since spring 2019 she co-directs the Master of Advanced Studies program for History and Theory of Architecture at ETH Zurich. Her co-edited volumes include Productive Universals–Specific Situations. Critical Engagements in Art, Architecture, and Urbanism (Berlin: Sternberg Press, 2019, with Nina Zschocke) and Housing after the Neoliberal Turn: A Sample Atlas (Berlin: Spector Books, 2015, with Reinhold Martin, Stephan Aue and others).

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