Dutch landscape: Midden-delfland


September 2018

While riding my bike through the fields between Rotterdam and Delft, I often stop at places where nobody is around. On a bench I explore the scenery.
Trees, grass, here and there a cow or a sheep. A garbage can, chock-full. A falcon in hunting position.
Behind the trees a tower stands proud of being the biggest.

You can hear the wind, there is always wind here. You can hear nobody, and simultaneously a train passes by and the cars continue on the highway.
That is what I like about dutch landscapes.
Whenever I visited (so-called) nature, I do not leave civilization.
If I sit at the riverside, a boat sails by. If I walk through a forest, a plane is flying over.

The dutch landscapes are a paradox for me.  Alone, and not being alone. Always surrounded by others.
It sounds frightening, never to be alone. But growing up like this, makes me wonder if really being alone is more frightening?

On that bench in that paradox of alone and not, I glare at the sun. Letting my mind drift.
Here I can think clearly. No pressure, not stressed, just me.

Staring at the sun

The light clouds my eyes
I look inside myself
there I hear, but do not listen
surrounded by thoughts, a blank mind

Trapped between body and earth
I am overwhelmed by simultaneity
In that place, in this time
I am earth

bliss shine upon me