Landscape: Silhouettes.


July 2012

I heard of places where the light reigns,

where the darkness cannot close a book.

I heard of places where darkness prevails,
only the stairs bring light.

But hear I find mutual respect,
light and darkness work together, strengthen each other.
The light brings in colors as blue, green and grey,
but the coming darkness force them to soften and blend into each other.
A red sky bringing rain, feels intense and clearer then at home.

I see dragons, ships and dancer using the heaven as their stage.
Ever-changing, in the eyes of a child.

The light claims the sky, but darkness the earth.
Silhouettes form agains the curtain of light.

Everything comes here together, and blends softly into each other,

The water divides the city,
disappearing into the light.

“These stories are written on my travels through Danmark, and are based upon impressions, the landscape, the people and myself.”