Landscape: Le corbusier's dream.


July 2012

Speed and progress.
Technology to help humanity. Improve, ease, cure.
Order, based upon mechanics that will shape our future.

A new ideal. A new utopia.

I gaze outside the window in le Corbusier's dream, and hear progress progressing.
Car's - ships - factories fill the night with their rhythm of steal and fire.
Together they form a chant of progression and the future.

Guided by their sound I follow my way. With every hill taken, the chants increase in power.
Full of energy they continue to pound.

Above the final dune I see the ocean.

Speed, power and progress. Mechanics based on the tides....

Le Corbusier awakens.

"These stories are written on my travels through Danmark, and are based upon impressions, the landscape, the people and myself."