imaginary building: 0.3


March 2012

From the beginning of time, this building has been assumed as a representation of the world - its interior keeping the most complete repertoire of contradiction known to man.
But it is not so obvious as to replicate the Eastern symbol of the way - a total figure that, by subdividing a circle, accounts for all polarities in the universe. No, no, no. On the contrary, and as with old bestiaries, it includes an infinite catalogue of tiny oppositions that eventually become a single, solid construction.
Rough and smooth, light and heavy, dark and bright are just some of its traits. Some, I say, because it tends to feed on differences - on all of them at once! - all working together and achieving infinite complexity (true harmony).
The syncretic building is actually the closest we can get to the dangerous notion of perfection. As a definitive Babel, more than myriad tongues stemming from a divine idiom, all that is human is present in it, reconverging in the promise of a precious origin, aiming to a divine end. Able to hold everything within, our third building is everywhere, without.