New Monthly Theme: Nest


Eagles building nest (


Je cueillis un nid dans Ie squelette du lierre
Un nid doux de mousse champetre et herbe de songe.
YVAN GOLL, Tombeau du pere, in Poetes d'aujourd'hu;, '50.

This is how the fourth chapter of Gaston Bachelard's "The poetics of space" starts.

I found a nest in the skeleton of the ivy
A soft nest of country moss and dream herb.

This is a chapter about nests. Perfect nests, abandoned nests, lived nests. Many architects have come across this book during their studies, but it is fascinating for any reader.

But, what does "nest" mean to you? Have you ever touched a bird's nest? Is your home your nest? Is the Beijing National Stadium your idea of a nest?

Share with us what "Nest" brings to your mind in any form you like, be it poem or prose, short or longer.