imaginary building: 0.2


February 2012

It is impossible to decipher it, basically because there is no single number that can round this building.

Its construction consists, since the beginning and all the time, of an endless addition of partial solutions to specific problems. Therefore there is no way to compare it to anything else.

Type–less, placeless, the rules that govern it are so many, crosses between them so intricate, they turn impossible to identify. Complexity itself – magic principle, infinite pattern! – operates like divine glue, providing for the lack of any standard.

On the slopes of the poorest cities and among the most primitive crowds; over informal trade and in the highest hallucinations of the utopians; within chaos and violence and the silent order of nature (which we’ll never understand); in all such places we could trace the origins of this monster, literally headless while roaring through the thousand mouths of its thousand absent heads.

Neither stable nor useful nor beautiful, its architecture is not for this time, nor for the poor beings who currently produce, and barely survive in what is sadly called so; nor is it for those who can only find limits for it, being themselves limited.

Because it is true that most people shall naturally fear this spawn, so anarchic that it can only be despised by those who need order to satisfy an infinite ancestral fear. The agoraphobia of the first vertical being, the anguish towards open space outside the quadruped’s short vision described by Worringer, explain the limited success this architecture has among the many.

But, my dear friends, this second building is pure promise, and therefore reality itself. Among the healthier and stronger souls and minds it starts to appear as the only possible building; the only one able to speak in a recognizable tongue, to quench the thirst of those who move towards the future.

Yes, I speak of such a work: a door into the labyrinthine beauty of the future.