imaginary building: 0.1


February 2012

In no particular place (of no particular kind either – preferably, though, any prosaic and ordinary setting is best), this shape suddenly appears, sometimes.

I speak of a shape because that's all it is: Pure form, without parts; no relationships between them even. It is, strictly speaking, a single "thing" – space, field, block, mass; shape again.

It is especially beautiful, anyway – this building; in its simpler versions. I can imagine it cylindrical, cubic – as a sphere, even; closing an axis or crowning the bowing heads of sadder architectures.

Ah, how beautiful it would be to see this wonderful explosion, suddenly appearing, as if emerging from the depths of hell, only to purify, through dazzling cauterization, all the dead tissue and adiposity of this poor, poor city!

How beautiful, too, it would be to witness its fall (as if that of a heavenly body) atop the frozen miseries of such static architectures!

Yes, this building flies, or bursts out from the abyss. It usually stops in mid air, right before falling, and levitates easily, immediately after sprouting from the earth.

It flies – I must insist – despite its enormous weight. Being absolutely compact, this monstrous gem hovers, either reflected in the mirror of movement (water), or slowly settling over a cushion of dark shadows (air and ground at the same time).

Blackness, reflections and transparency absorb all light around our edifice, and then focus it on a surface which anticipates the arrival of this, the ultimate object. Its unique color emphasizes the divinity of its character.

In my mind (should I say my soul?), this building always appears golden, incandescent. Obviously, I am speaking of a piece of the sun, maybe a fireball even.