Readings on the Public Realm - Landscape


December 2011

The most recent group in the msc2 City&Literature series has just presented their results. This term, the course was given by Hans Teerds and Klaske Havik, and focused on the reading of landscape as a public realm.

The resulting magazine "Het veranderende landschap" (The Changing Landscape) offered a series of Triptychs:each student explored a specific Dutch landscape by means of:  (1) a theoretical essay on the meaning of landscape in regard to the public realm in our contemporary society, (2) a story featuring the landscape in a literal or poetic way, and (3) a model, a series of photographs or a collage.

Participating students:Wendy de Hoog, Alexandra de Jong, Kiki Klee, Robert Pennings, Janneke Rutgers, Lisanne Snoeijen

Het veranderende landschap (The Changing Landschape)