this is our stretch gingerly chosen

it works for each all and what we do

Gancho's kids run the margin

'tween walkway and bus lane

snatch a purse phone necklace

dash snake get lost in traffic

turn their shirts around change jackets

guy in red who robbed me appears elsewhere


Curly and the smooth blokes lounge looking respectable

spots where bar doors meet the crowd

buzzed and bumping into others

numb to slick fingers out their pockets

Tania's broads stroll back forth circles

high heels flat band of the sidewalk

collect stuff from others it was a man who robbed me

scantily clad to distract working tricks sometimes

look at themselves and chances in the windows


Dim and thugs come late hit the dark part

blank walls alleys empty shops closed roller shutters

mug drunks beat rivals chase rats smoke joints

or stronger stuff

keep our place guarded throughout observed moving

to hide flee loiter appear as we need to do what we do

for with to good folk suckers around


Jorge Mejía Hernández