Manifesta 2018

There was a screening in an enfeebled ideal suburb, Just outside Palermo’s city center ZEN, designed by Gregotti, seemed to hoover, as huge, yellow concrete masses,  and at the same time looked dragged down to societal reality. Dreams for new places, of which the inhabitants made different  stories than Gregotti envisioned.    Around ten p.m. it was,  we drove in our VW van, entering the rigorous housing plan Finding our way through the neighbourhood Lots of people out and around, to chat, meet or walk their dog Mothers with loud voices, having conversations from window to window. Few of then went, just like us, to watch the film Angela was a beautiful Italian woman, set in a mobster scene We entered their past   The images and sounds on screen Merged with those of the evening children kept on playing a car with loud music, passing by Appreciating the utter Palermo experience   WV