'Purification' of Desire


December 2017


(Canción del Adiós 1)


A mist built by artificial fireflies

is unwinding

around his fragile presence,

as an embodied quivering

near an unreachably free Seagull 2,

first – in flights aerial,

second – in hoverings embraced.


I cannot recall

the pattern of musical craving,

but I do feel his chest,

his vertical radiation

of mildness, of

holistically abundant Otherness,

in each step over ground,

in each winged spatial stroke.


I wake up between a dream

and a reverie, embracing him,


– like an unhealthy reality,

the two of us,

perfusing into something circular,

few giros,

or other typological complexity;

through whirling

on my toes,

I’m losing my balance

while still holding the trembling axis,

– I feel nothing else but

а vertiginous edge

before the Fall, and yearning

– ‘purified’ of any erotic stain –

towards his silent innerness,

his intense belonging,

his dark art of spacelessness.


I open my eyes,

not believing to gravity,

and I am flowing into

his look with

thunderous silences,

into his lips,


as an autumn leaf

through winds of snow.


I am growing

– breaking clouds, piercing soil,

as a rare herb, fed by

his spiritual warmth.

‘Amor-pasión, vértigo y asombro’ 3:

all Trias’s leaders to the Border

– possible – to be momentary experienced,

through the iron butterflies

under my chest,

through his spherical beams,

burnt by a humble gracefulness.


The new-born

windows inside my heart

are keeping my body

upright – organically,


even in the nocturnal reverie,

even in the upcoming daybreak,

when I remain

his short-lived tanda,

his flawless tango:

his spiritual,






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Viktorija Bogdanova