Ciudad Abierta _ in that it speaks...


November 2017



in that it speaks

it tells of time

of its founding fathers

of the builders, with words and stones

who rest now

on this silent land

that they have brought to life.



in that it speaks

to the children

growing up with bare feet

in the sand, playing

with the plants, the stones,

the wood, dancing

in the dunes



in that it speaks

to the students

of a world

which can be shaped

with any source at hand

by hands



in that it speaks

to us, the others

of other ways

of architecture

that originates

in words

that originates

in land and sea

of architecture

that is nothing

but our connection

to the world.



This text is part of a series of poems written in the Ciudad Abierta, nov 2017.

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Klaske Havik