shadow of light


May 2017


light entered through the coloured holes
blue and green and purple patches
of time, turning around the tower

a column caught moving moments
that disappeared when the sun
suddenly withdrew.

she stood there on the concrete floor
and someone saw her shadow
that line of red and yellow light
sparking from her feet, these
circles of joy that disappeared
behind a wall soon after.

but after they had left
the light returned
and turned and turned around
appearing where the concrete
seemed abandoned

and she could not
make it come or make it stop
she could only try to be
a tiny patch of concrete
and wait for moments to appear.


[caption id="attachment_6183" align="alignnone" width="720"]Le Havre, Saint-Joseph church, Auguste Perret 1957 Photo kh 2017[/caption]


Klakse Havik