Interpreting Atmosphere: Kettle House


January 2017


The Wounded Pot


A belly a wounded pot


Robust against explosions

A wooden base like kindling beneath

Dark ready for activity

Alive with the fiery white light above

And I want to rise up there

Break the tension

Away from the tiered container of stages and booths below

The empty benches and tables

With sockets underneath

Leading to Other Worlds and Places

where dust and mice can gather

around coils of Writhing data

Into the deep concrete hatches

that weave a maze of heaven

Below I am squeezed together

In queues in rows in sequence

In dizzy artificial light

That flows and jitters like people

Under words that press the space together

Like a strap for a fragile structure

Metal pipes and contraptions

zigzag with digestion

I feel the world has been turned upside down

And needs to be set right

The canned music and artificial food

A stoppered belly

Whose too light floors can give way

To day without light

Instead it must to be emptied out

into the sky



poem by Brigitte O’Regan
model by Wouter Pijnenburg, Inés Hemmings, Kim Degen, Brigitte O’Regan


On Nov 22nd, 2016, a one-day workshop ‘Interpreting Atmosphere’ was held at the Faculty of Architecture in Delft. The workshop allowed 20 students to get acquainted with the theme of atmosphere in architecture, an architectural aspect that often remains unaddressed in education. In contemporary architectural practice we can recognise a renewed interest in the intrinsic relation between atmospheric experience and architectural quality.

The workshop challenged students to interpret the atmosphere of multiple spaces within the faculty. The spaces were translated into texts describing the personal experience of every participant. Afterwards the texts were translated into a spatial object by the group, representing the common experience of the atmosphere.

Organised by EXPLORE-lab students:

Danique van Hulst
Marthe van Gils
Hinke Majoor
Dare van der Meer

Tutored by Klaske Havik