Interpreting Atmosphere: Attic


December 2016



Grumpy old attic

It’s cold, dark and lonely up here
That’s how I like it
I see your kind
Passing through once in a while
I despise that constant buzzing noise
That you left in me with your damned climate unit
I’ve been here a hundred years before you came
I’ll be around long after you’ve gone


Florian Nelemans, Kevin Snel, Davoud Sultani


On Nov 22nd, 2016, a one-day workshop ‘Interpreting Atmosphere’ was held at the Faculty of Architecture in Delft. The workshop allowed 20 students to get acquainted with the theme of atmosphere in architecture, an architectural aspect that often remains unaddressed in education. In contemporary architectural practice we can recognise a renewed interest in the intrinsic relation between atmospheric experience and architectural quality.

The workshop challenged students to interpret the atmosphere of multiple spaces within the faculty. The spaces were translated into texts describing the personal experience of every participant. Afterwards the texts were translated into a spatial object by the group, representing the common experience of the atmosphere.

Organised by EXPLORE-lab students:

Danique van Hulst
Marthe van Gils
Hinke Majoor
Dare van der Meer

Tutored by Klaske Havik