House of Book II


March 2016

If I were to build a house where we would meet, my reader, it should probably be a house of books, of meeting thoughts. On the ground floor: books for daily use, to talk, to find common ground. Architecture books, some older heroes, some brave new worlds, short stories, biographies. In the kitchen: books of places, tastes and colours and coasts and faraway bridges. At the fireplace: Bachelard, of course, and books to forget time with. Proust, Joyce, Gárçia Marquez... In a basement: Jung, Borges, what we know but cannot say. And on the attic, under a roof, our own books, the published ones and the hidden, pages full of sketches, notes and scribbled lines, our poems, our theories and ambitions, our surreal stories, our parallel worlds.

House of books I